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Our breakfast

The morning drew on the good in your mouth

You know that breakfast is one of the essential meals of the day, helps us to wake us up and allows us to gather the energies for the day that awaits us. For this reason it is always good to make it in the right way, even when you are on holiday.

Our buffet breakfast is served daily in the restaurant room from 7:45 to 9:45, and includes both sweet and, for those who love the typical Italian breakfast, both savory items for those who prefer an international breakfast. In addition, there are hot and cold drinks, fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Traditional kitchen
A restaurant that speaks of Romagna

The kitchen is our flagship, with particular attention to detail by our chefs. We love to make you feel and let you know the flavors of our land, and for this reason, we propose mediterranean dishes served in an original and tasty.

Every day at lunch you can choose from our takeaway Menu, with a little extra you can enjoy the tranquility of eat also directly under the umbrella, simple dishes which are ideal for beach life: salads, wraps, ham and melon, sandwiches, salads and rice. You can also choose between 3 first and 3 seconds, with options for both meat and fish. Everything always preceded by an appetizer of the chef, a sweet delight at the end of the meal, and mineral and sparkling water included with the meal. For small children, with extra attention with exquisite custom menus!

100 m from the sea
1,5 km from the city centre
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