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Our breakfast

The morning has a good taste in its mouth

Our "favorite" formula is the B & B, which for us stands for Bed and Brunch, a spectacular breakfast with extended hours, from 7:30 to 13:00, in the form of buffet served, wide choice of sweet and savory, all produced by hand, research of the product, care of preparation and presentation. Brioche empty to be filled with your choice of: jams, creams and honey. Cakes of all tastes that are prepared and baked by our pastry chef. Tarts, biscuits, muffins, cheesecake, mascarpone and so on and so forth! Fresh organic fruit and km 0, and not to miss anything: corner of gummy candies!

For the savory we have yogurt, cheese, eggs, bacon, cold cuts, toast ready or on request, hot dishes prepared daily, rolls of piadine, ricotta, and many other delights.

For the drink we propose: a wide choice of fruit juices, tea and herbal teas, first quality coffee!

On request and with prior notice we can prepare alternatives for celiacs.
Our goal is to start your day in the best way possible!

Traditional cuisine
<!--div class="h2 py-1"> A restaurant that speaks of Romagna

The cuisine is our pride and joy, and our chefs take care of every detail. We love to make you feel and know the typical flavours of our land, and for this reason we propose Mediterranean dishes always served in an original and tasty way.

Every day at lunchtime you can choose from our take-away menu, which for a small extra charge will give you the peace of mind of eating directly under the beach umbrella, simple dishes ideal for beach life: salads, piadine, ham and melon, sandwiches and rice salads. You can also choose between 3 first courses and 3 second courses, with both meat and fish options. Everything is always preceded by a starter from the chef, a sweet treat at the end of the meal and natural and sparkling water included in the meal. For the little ones, extra attention with delicious personalized menus!

A small menu but with a lot of Romagna!

Every evening for dinner, you can choose to eat from our take-away menu, which, for a small extra charge, will give you the peace of mind of enjoying typical Romagna dishes on our outdoor patio, in your room on the balcony or, why not, directly under the beach umbrella, simple but tasty dishes ideal for summer life: piadina, sandwiches, salads, house specialities and cold dishes.
Bookable on the spot from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., it gives every guest the freedom to decide every day where to spend the evening.


We are also affiliated with all the best restaurants in our area, have been carefully selected, after trying them personally several times!
from Tagliatella, fish, through hamburger and pizza a wide range of restaurants to choose from, with which we are affiliated, our ticket stamped will give you access to discounts of 10/15/20%

100 m from the sea
1,5 km from the city centre
1.5 km from the tram station
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